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Save Money with Every Call

Stop paying high per-minute fees for long-distance and toll-free service. For most clients, our no-contract no-commitment service plan includes virtually unlimited* calling to anywhere in the United States. Your bill includes no hidden fees. The only thing you pay in addition to the regular monthly charge is USF (what the goverment makes us collect).

Monthly Fees:

Item Price
Standard Phone/Device
Unlimited Extensions Free
Unlimited Ring Groups Free
Unlimited Call Queues Free
Unlimited Voicemail Free
Enhanced 911 Free
Call Recording $10/month per phone
Voice-Attendant $10/month per organization
Local or Toll-Free Numbers $5/month
Universal Service Fees Varies **

* It's difficult to offer a truly unlimited calling product since we pay for every minute your phone is on a call with the outside world. Each phone adds 1,500 free pooled minutes to your account. For the reference, 95% of our customer phones use under 1,000 minutes each month. Once those shared minutes are used, each minute is billed at $0.03.

** The government makes us charge this fee, and it is purely a passthru. The average USF charge is approximately 7% of the total monthly bill.

For more information regarding our products and pricing, please contact us.

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